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The Ministry of Communications (MoC) in Kuwait has announced its intent to finalize the last phase of the long-delayed national project aimed at expanding the coverage of the fiber-optic broadband access network across the entire country.

This will be accomplished through an upcoming competitive open tender process to select a strategic partner, conducted in collaboration with the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP).

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As part of the MoC's strategy, this public-private partnership will result in the establishment of a specialized company licensed by the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA). This company will be jointly managed by representatives from both the government and the selected private sector partner.

The MoC has outlined its commitment to maintaining ownership and responsibility for the infrastructure of the fiber broadband network while granting wholesale access to Kuwaiti internet service providers and telecom companies. These providers will, in turn, offer fiber services directly to end-users. A dedicated committee has been established to thoroughly examine this new project and oversee its implementation process.

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