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From October 1, 2023, mobile phones within Saudi Arabia will start displaying the name and identity of callers.

This service exclusively allows the names of legitimate entities, whether governmental or private, to be displayed when they contact users. These entities must subscribe to the service with their service providers.

The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST), the regulatory authority overseeing digital matters in Saudi Arabia, has completed all necessary preparations for this implementation.

The specification primarily focuses on enabling the feature of displaying the connected party's name on mobile network-operated terminal devices in Saudi Arabia.

Previously, the CST had introduced a draft technical specification for showing the caller's name and identity. This specification mandates that the caller's name and number must be visible in the call log, and the mobile device must be capable of receiving and displaying this information across various technologies.

The specification leverages modern technologies to reduce deceptive or spoofed calls, safeguard users and reduce reliance on unreliable programs and applications that breach caller privacy. It also serves as an educational tool for users regarding the feature related to displaying the connected party's name.

It is now mandated that mobile and landline service providers should implement the necessary solutions to make this feature available within their networks, aligning with the specified criteria.

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