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The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) unveiled its vision for the future of digital life and smart cities at the 43rd edition of GITEX Technology Week 2023.

The projects showcased by TDRA this year reflect global trends, emphasizing digital transformations and the associated preparations that will shape the future of humanity. These projects also embody a forward-looking perspective on the digital transformation process.

Through this showcase, TDRA maintains its pivotal role in regulating, enabling, and leading the transformation journey, contributing to shaping the future in alignment with the UAE Centennial and the "We the UAE 2031" vision.

TDRA’s project at GITEX 2023:

Farm Bots: Our Future Partners for Sustainability

Farm Bot embodies tomorrow's agriculture and the role of advanced technology in securing crops, caring for them, and harvesting them. Future agriculture is embodied in an ideal combination of precision and sustainability achieved by sensors that monitor soil conditions, reduce water waste, and reduce the use of chemicals.

Salama: Your Economic and Financial Data Advisor

The Avatar Salama helps you effortlessly access UAE's economic data through a menu of seven intriguing topics, inviting visitors to explore financial knowledge as it conducts a meticulous data analysis to unearth the most concise and relevant answers for the queries.

TDRA Stadium: The Thrilling Competition on TDRA Stadium

This entertainment project offers a unique and intense football league between humans and autonomous robots. It is man versus machine in a game where technology and strategy intertwine seamlessly. Viewers will see the autonomous robots, equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and precision algorithms, possess an uncanny ability to track the ball's motion and player movements.

Smart Art: Imagining Your Essence, Crafted by AI Brilliance – Salim 

In this project, art meets technology to unveil a one-of-a-kind experience in AI-generated portraiture.

As you approach our podium, you will be greeted by Salim, our virtual art guide. Salim's mission is to help you create your very own AI-generated portrait, tailored to your unique preferences. Salim will engage you with a series of questions, next, a quick snapshot of your face is taken by our camera. Soon, your unique AI-generated portrait will materialize on the screen. A QR code will appear for you to save a digital version.

This year, TDRA Stand also showcases a series of projects linked to some of TDRA's key initiatives. including:

ICT Fund

This year, ICT Fund introduces 15 technical projects spanning a range of innovative ideas in agricultural technology, health technology, educational technology, space technology, secure digital infrastructure, circular economy, and more. These projects not only reflect the future vision of the ICT Fund but also underscore its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship in the country. The ICT Fund achieves this by offering financial services, incubation programs, and support to entrepreneurs, enabling them to cultivate innovative knowledge capital within the ICT sector.

UAE Hackathon

The UAE Hackathon initiative features 10 winning projects in the 2023 edition of the UAE Hackathon, representing those that successfully completed all qualifying and guidance training programs devised by TDRA in collaboration with academic incubators.

The projects cover diverse areas including sustainability, education, financial technology, food security, health, and the environment. Moreover, they underscore the pivotal role played by the UAE Hackathon in facilitating the transformation of successful ideas into startup companies. These startups, in turn, contribute to the provision of economically viable digital services in the ICT sector. This aligns with TDRA’s vision, which is centered on fostering the innovation ecosystem and inspiring individuals with creative ideas.

Innovation Office

TDRA’s Innovation Office introduces the "Innogenius Rashed" project, a sophisticated system entirely designed by TDRA team. The project's objective is to inspire and drive individuals and institutions with ambitious visions toward the realization of their goals and aspirations. This innovative approach intertwines creative thinking with future visions, addressing potential challenges and opportunities. The method is tailored to enhance idea generation and the attainment of strategic goals aligned with the future visions of the UAE.

This year, the unified Digital Government Stand accommodated 30 federal entities. In a spirit of collaborative cooperation that strengthens the Whole-of-Government Approach, these entities presented their latest technological achievements, contributing to the development and enhancement of services. Additionally, they shared their vision for increased digitization aimed at fostering the well-being and happiness of customers.

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