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At GITEX Technology Week 2023, Nokia brought its cutting-edge technologies from its Network Infrastructure (NI), Mobile Networks (MN) and Cloud and Network Services (CNS)Business Groups to showcase how disruptive network technologies and software approaches are pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability to create new opportunities for the telecom industry.

A Demonstration of AI-powered Solutions

The global B2B innovation leader also demonstrated the impact of AI-powered solutions, coupled with high-performance networks, to accelerate the digitalization of industries. The company also highlighted its focus on partnerships, demonstrating established strategies that assist CSPs and enterprises in gaining a competitive edge. This involves integrating cutting-edge technologies with top-tier expert partners. The overall goal of this endeavor was to assist customers in the telecom industry in reshaping their businesses to unleash the exponential capabilities of networks and harness 'the power of n.'

The Release of Nokia anyRAN and the Launch of Open Innovation Lab

AnyRAN - Nokia at GITEX

Mobile Networks team showcased Nokia anyRAN which supports any purpose-built, hybrid and Cloud RAN environment with common software. With the SmartNIC for L1 acceleration, Nokia enables feature and performance parity with purpose-built RAN and ease of integration into any server and cloud environment. This is what customers will expect given that hybrid networks will exist for many years to come. Also showcased is server hardware from Dell and HPE and the Cloud RAN Smart Network Interface Card (SmartNIC) for L1 acceleration, which was co-created with Marvell.

Nokia recently launched an Open Innovation Lab in Dubai to drive regional innovation to explore new business models and use cases focusing on Cloud RAN, AI/ML, and Industry 4.0. For example, the lab will feature its MantaRay SON, which was also showcased at GITEX to demonstrate how AI/ML is a true game changer in network automation and optimization.

Nokia’s Network Automation

Nokia’s NI team demonstrated network automation to help operators with multi-vendor, multi-domain assurance, multi-vendor Intent-based services fulfillment, zero touch service provisioning and transport slicing enablement and assurance. It also showcased the path to 100G over PON (Passive Optical Network) through 25G PON OLT/ONT, in addition to demos such as 5G CPE and Beacon.

In addition, the team showcased Remote 800GE Routing, security solutions with Deepfield and Automated Data Center Fabrics Solution. Nokia’s recently launched 7730 Service Interconnect Router (SXR) platforms with a revolutionary approach, was also showcased. It delivers the power and benefits of service routing into IP access and aggregation networks to meet the capacity and capabilities demanded by broadband investments and evolving cloud network architectures.

Nokia’s Focus on Sustainability and Intelligent Solutions

Sustainability - Nokia at GITEX

Nokia's CNS team has introduced Intelligent 5G solutions with a focus on sustainability, structured around three key pillars: Environment, to optimize network energy usage through AI; Digital inclusion, to establish a compelling case for affordable network coverage; and Digital integrity, to safeguard digital identities on networks and prevent security breaches. 

Nokia's solutions can facilitate CSPs in achieving their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals and aid in the adoption of environmentally-friendly practices throughout their network operations. Nokia demonstrated its AVA AI-driven sustainable networks with a focus on showcasing AI applications. These applications optimize network energy consumption without compromising Quality of Experience (QoE), enhance 5G customer experiences by providing detailed usage insights, and boost the efficiency and responsiveness of FWA/BB (Fixed Wireless Access/Broadband) operations. The team also showcased its security solutions including NetGuard Cyber Security Dome.

Harnessing the Power of Intelligent Networks

With high-performance connectivity, Nokia can accelerate digitalization and enhance the benefits of Industry 4.0 and the industrial metaverse for enterprises and governments. By harnessing the power of intelligent networks, businesses can boost productivity, resilience, and agility exponentially - and still find new ways to achieve their sustainability goals.

Governments can unlock the tools needed to evolve economies in the digital age, build greener, more sustainable communities, and create opportunities for greater inclusion in society by expanding broadband for all and reaching people and places like never before. Network-infused digitalization fuels innovation so it can be freely explored, allowing Nokia to reshape and improve the way society lives and works. That’s the ‘power of n’.

Solutions for Smart Cities

Nokia presented a range of solutions tailored for enterprises, industries, and governments, with a specific focus on Smart Cities. These solutions encompass smart infrastructure, including Microwave, Radio, IP, and Optical networks, which can empower the development of digital cities. Additionally, they demonstrated defense and public safety-related scenarios, with an emphasis on broadband, core, and backhaul solutions.

Nokia Drone Networks (NDN)

Nokia also showcased its Nokia Drone Networks (NDN) which provide an automated aerial data collection platform that enterprise customers can implement to achieve their business goals. The solution is powered by private and public 4G/LTE and 5G wireless networks, drone hardware, as well as operational software and hardware. Furthermore, Nokia exhibited its solutions designed to facilitate the digitalization of substation networking for utilities through the use of IP infrastructure, which includes IP-MPLS WAN, FAN powered, OT cloud, and more. They also featured private wireless solutions and Mission Critical networks, providing demonstrations for customers.

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