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In the 17th edition of the Telecom Leaders’ Summit, Karim Benkirane, CCO of du, delivered a keynote on the first day about 5G advancement. He stated that 5.5G technology is halfway to 6G. Within less than four years, the telcos managed to roll out 5G, and du became the first in the world to build a home of the future.

Benkirane expressed his reaction, saying, “I was impressed by the experience within this home of the future. I can go to the gaming room, and it will have a 3D screen without the need for glasses. I tried playing again with three HD videos in a 360-degree view. It's just an amazing experience.”

With new technologies, operators can always enhance and improve their customer experience. “We believe that as of today, there are 120 million customers. This number is expected to reach 300 million in the next five years by 2028. When you do a micro-segmentation on the markets and find the use cases around them, you can identify what is forming as an issue.”

“The first one that comes up is connecting the unconnected. As of today, 2.6 billion people are lost in connectivity. So, access is definitely a priority to reach the unconnected areas where fiber is not yet available and ensure that we can provide connectivity to the customers,” added Benkirane.

The statement underscores the perpetual opportunity for operators to elevate and refine their customer experience through the integration of new technologies. Embracing innovation allows operators to stay responsive to evolving customer expectations, ensuring a continuous improvement in the quality of services provided. This commitment to leveraging technological advancements reflects a proactive approach to meet and exceed customer needs in an ever-changing landscape.

Flexible and Affordable Technology

The CEO of du explained why this technology is flexible and affordable. "Fixed wireless access is really easy to install. It's portable, and you can move it to areas without a proper signal to realize the best experience. It all starts in the middle of the desert; people want to be connected in real-time, capturing the best pictures and videos. This is also crucial for businesses or retailing in this area, as these types of businesses are becoming more mature, with use cases providing more insights and a greater 5G experience. This model is another one that is going to become a backup."

Pioneering 5G Advanced Technology

When it comes to latency, speed and other factors based on fixed wireless access, the technology that must be talked about is 5G Advanced. “We find ourselves in an industry where we've undertaken a significant journey with the rollout of the upgrade.” According to him, many deputies who have been using this model since 2019 have achieved a significant milestone in 5G, aligning well with most of the technology in the work environment.

He also announced that du is currently working on their 5G Advanced, which is in pilot mode. “We are planning to launch it commercially in the coming months. Of course, this marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we wish everyone the best in the next phase.” Benkirane concluded.

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