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Mikhail Gerchuk, Chief Executive Officer, e& international and Jeff Seal, Managing Partner, Telecom Review North America and Chief of the Awards Committee struck up an interesting conversation on artificial intelligence during the 17th edition of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit at the Le Meridien Hotel and Conference Centre in Dubai.

AI’s Popularity

Jeff Seal started the discussion by recognizing the current popularity of artificial intelligence and its acceleration across industries and sought to explore the market and trends around the technology.

Mikhail Gerchuk said that AI plays an extremely important role in e& for delivering exceptional digital experiences to its customers.  He highlighted that AI brings about heightened computing capacity and improves the quality of data, offering a valuable resource to meet the diverse demands of both enterprise and consumer segments. He provided examples of AI-based assistants in customer touchpoint services, showcasing their capability to interact using voice for answering questions. He believed that such capabilities of AI technology have the potential to transform businesses and lives.

Gerchuk pointed out that as an evolving global techco, e& has implemented the most sophisticated AI tools to analyze data in order to provide the most suitable recommendations at any given time with an aim to optimize customer experience. “As a result of this, we were able to improve our upsell numbers three-fold,” he explained.

Enhancing Telecom Operations

He also touched upon AI’s role in enhancing telecom operations to predict network outages and elevate various internal services such as HR, logistics and so on. Gerchuk also mentioned that e& leverages AI to run energy-efficient networks in line with global sustainability standards.

Regarding the risks associated with AI, Gerhuk said that the efficiency of AI and its ability to replace humans could impact jobs in various sectors and could dramatically change how the world functions as we know it. He noted that societies need to be educated about acquiring new skillsets. “All stakeholders, including governments, private organizations and businesses need to work together to understand how to manage this massive shift of jobs,” he said.

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