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More than 1000 delegates from across 5 continents and more than 60 countries gathered for a three-day event to showcase and learn about the future of smart cities in the world. Covering many aspects and challenges, this event was the chance to share best practices with some of the world's most prominent smart city thinkers and take a tour in Yinchuan.

Yinchuan, known as the Phoenix City, the capital of Ningxia Nationality Autonomous Region, is going under vast development. Yinchuan is a city that enhances technological innovation, promotes development pattern transformation and improves economic structure optimization and upgrade with the smart city construction.

In order to widely apply the new generation, information technology in the public sphere, realize comprehensive and thorough perception, broadband ubiquitous interconnection and intelligent fusion application, and ensure better benefit of the people's livelihood, smart Yinchuan closely surrounds three cores of information benefiting the people: scientific management, industry derivation and returns on investment. It also generates four characteristics of mode: management mode, technical architecture, system guarantee and local legislation. It has its own features in construction of 13 modules in 10 key areas of smart government affairs, smart transportation, and smart environmental protection and so on, forming the reproducible and promotable smart city ""Yinchuan mode"", to thoroughly cure the urban disease and realize the public service for the good of the public. The derivative development of the industry is obtained; the city management is changed from firefighting, rehabilitation and passive type to prospective type and active management, to promote innovation of the administrative system reform.

When it comes to the smart Yinchuan application field, there's a cure to the urban disease starting by smart transportation. The traffic state of the whole city is perceived in a real-time way by means of the traffic environmental protection card, and dynamic traffic guidance is realized through big data mining and analysis. It provides decision support for reasonable allocation of the transport capacity and scientific planning of the road network by the Traffic Management department, so as to realize overall optimization of traffic resources. Finally, various traffic problems of Yinchuan are solved in the mode without purchasing or license limitation.

Then there's the smart environmental protection. Based on the essential thought of ""real-time monitoring, source control, directional control"", smart environmental protection is engaged in creating ""clear water blue sky, bright Yinchuan"".

Online monitoring, pre-warming and forecast: real-time monitoring of the ecological environment parameters (water, air noise) influencing the citizens' life with the air monitoring station, water quality online monitoring instrument, noise monitoring instrument and other equipments.

Association analysis, directional control: Conduct mining and analysis of the collected data, find relation between the dependent variable (resident living environment index) and independent variable (pollution source), and provide decision-making basis for directional environment control and publication of related measures and system for environmental protection.

Furthermore, smart medical treatment is another aspect of smart Yinchuan. By creating the health archive medical information platform, smart medical treatment utilizes the most advanced IOT technology, realize interaction between the patient and medical personnel, institution and equipment and progressively realize informatization. The five-level medical support mode is built from: wearable device of intelligent home, community health service station, internet hospital, Yinchuan 3A hospital, extraterritorial hospitals of Bejing, Shanghai, Guanghzou and Shenzhen.

The resident utilizes the health physical examination instrument at home to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, respiration rate and other 22 vital sign indexes, in order to pay close attention to the resident health data and reach the effects of early prevention and early treatment. The five-level medical support mode relieves from difficulties and high expense in medical care.

With people benefiting from these smart indexes, the quality of life will be improved, thus leading to a healthier life in a smart community.

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