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A recent study has revealed a significant uptake in the adoption of AI technologies within cybersecurity strategies among UAE organizations. Specifically, 91% of surveyed companies are incorporating AI into their security measures, particularly in areas such as threat detection, response, and recovery.

The 2024 Cybersecurity Readiness Index, conducted amidst an era of hyperconnectivity and rapidly evolving threats, underscores this trend. Despite facing a spectrum of attacks—from phishing and ransomware to supply chain and social engineering—companies are actively bolstering their defenses.

In fact, 87% of organizations expressed moderate to high confidence in their ability to fend off cyberattacks with their current infrastructure. This confidence signals a proactive approach in navigating evolving threats and tackling emerging challenges head-on.

Building Cyber Resilience

Being ill-prepared comes with a hefty price tag. A staggering 65% of those surveyed reported facing a cybersecurity breach within the past year. Among those impacted, 52% disclosed that it set them back a minimum of USD 300,000. Moreover, 85% of respondents from the UAE anticipate that their business operations will be disrupted by a cybersecurity incident within the next 12 to 24 months.

Viewed as a significant challenge, a concerning 90% of companies in the UAE highlighted a shortage of talent. Specifically, 51% of these companies reported having over ten vacant positions in their cybersecurity departments during the survey period. Notably, 95% of these organizations plan to leverage AI technologies to fill at least 10% of these vacant cybersecurity roles. This strategy not only aims to mitigate talent shortages but also demonstrates a readiness to embrace innovative solutions.

Thus, organizations are gearing up to enhance their cybersecurity infrastructure by upgrading existing solutions (66%), implementing new ones (54%), and integrating AI-driven technologies (54%). Moreover, an overwhelming 99% of companies intend to boost their cybersecurity expenditure within the coming year. Impressively, 91% of these entities foresee significant growth, with budget expansions of 10% or higher earmarked for cybersecurity initiatives.

To tackle the complexities of today's threat environment, companies need to expedite substantial investments in security. This entails embracing innovative security measures and adopting a comprehensive security platform approach. It also involves reinforcing network resilience and leveraging generative AI effectively. Furthermore, companies must intensify their efforts in recruitment to address the cybersecurity skills shortage.

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