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STC signs Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with Ericsson to collaborate on the development of 5G network technologies and services. Together with other technology leaders, Ericsson will outline the road towards 5G, through joint market-leading trials of advanced technologies, incorporating network tests on "Very High Speed", "Ultra Low Latency" and "highly reliable extreme capacity broadband network". The aim of this initiative is also to enable the full digitalization transformation, supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision. STC has already successfully carried out unique 5G experiments and Lab tests, moving towards the successful deployment of the much anticipated 5G mobile services. These tests have set a new record in the speed of mobile data services, which in no doubt will lead to a new revolution in mobile network applications and services, through a new exciting 5G Era.

Nasser Al-Nasser, senior vice president, Technology and Operations, STC, said: "Our mission is to enrich society by introducing innovative services to our deserving customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and across the region. We are very proud to enter into the 5G Agreement with our long-term partner to realize this mission. We aim to be the first in the region to launch the first commercial 5G network and related next-generation mobile broadband services. We are confident that we collectively have the knowledge and innovation power that will enable us to move fast towards the next Generation 5G Era. While we celebrate this collaboration on shaping the future of 5G, we are very excited about the prospects and the promise that come with the new 5G network."

Ali Eid, head of Customer Unit for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Palestine within Ericsson Region Middle East, said: "Ericsson is bringing the most advanced 5G trial systems from testbeds to labs to real-world applications that support global standardization. Our collaboration with STC is another testimony on our commitment towards STC’s 5G vision enabling together a truly connected society."

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