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In association with the Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA), UAE telecommunication company, du, is paving the way for smart customer service in collaboration with several global start-ups. In today’s real time world, customers have real time expectations, which du is addressing by investing in artificial intelligence collaborations to bring a new, digitalized level of customer service to customers. In line with its association with the DFA, du has signed two Memoranda of Understanding with innovative artificial intelligence companies, Ultimate AI from Finland, and Polish Quantum Lab, to enhance the customer experience using future technologies.

"The experiences we are engaging in at the DFA incubation centre are truly exciting and set the tone for the smart city innovations of the future. The entrepreneurs and start-ups that we are working with offer new and interesting perspectives into the working of the smart city of tomorrow, and together we are bringing the power of digitalization and all its benefits to the forefront for the benefit of our valued customers," said Osman Sultan, chief executive officer, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company. "Our association with the DFA will enable us to have more meaningful engagement and interactions with our customers in real time."

Through these MOUs, du aims to enhance its customer experience offering by further improving its face to face services, as well as enhancing the real time element of its digital offering. Together with Quantum Lab, du is looking to add facial recognition technology for its customer service agents to ensure that their body language adheres to du’s requirements, hence enhancing the experience for the customer.

"Customer service representatives work long hours in face to face interactions, and our tool enables them to ensure that their body language is in line with the messaging that du wants to send customers. This is a new level of innovation and AI that is the future of interpersonal communication with external stakeholders and will enable companies to ensure that the customer always comes first. We are thrilled to be working with du on this incredible project in the UAE," said Bartosz Rychlicki, chief executive officer, Quantum Lab.

Finnish outfit Ultimate AI is working with du to enhance the real time engagement for customers through AI applications that will enable up to the minute answers to questions across digital, social and voice platforms.

The benefits of working with the DFA are many-fold. Under the directive of the UAE leadership, the DFA fosters innovation and collaboration at its incubation centre in Emirates Towers to ensure that we resolve the issues we face more efficiently. The association with DFA has enabled du to further its investment in the entrepreneur community and facilitate a knowledge sharing environment, putting innovation into action in the UAE.

The second round of DFA saw five additional government and private entities join the program, amongst them du, creating an unparalleled opportunity for established companies, government entities and start-ups to explore new opportunities and accelerate their relationship in a dynamic environment. The aim of the program is for participating companies to enter into Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) or other commercial agreements to deliver a funded pilot project after the program ends.

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