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du hailed for award winning communications campaigns, has appointed Abdulwahed Juma as the Executive Vice President of Brand and Corporate Communications. In today's competitive telecommunications environment, offering a distinct value addition is key for a brand as a differentiating factor. Abdulwahed will bring his sector strength and expertise to address the ever-evolving consumer needs and further elevate du's status as a UAE super brand.

"We are pleased to welcome Abdulwahed to our du family. The telecommunications industry is an evolutionary one, consumers are behind the wheel of our industry, constantly evolving and requiring new and improved avenues for communication and dialogue to occur. As the leaders in our field we are tasked with staying ahead by pioneering approaches that pave the way to higher standards and improved ways of transforming our brand to generate increased visibility, appeal and most importantly, trust. We look forward to the innovative approach that Abdulwahed will bring," said Osman Sultan, Chief Executive Officer, du.

"In addition to shaping our brand communications to create a further differentiating factor in our dynamic information and communications technology environment, du is also driving the agenda of creating an internal environment wherein equal opportunities are offered to talented individuals. We create a culture of growth and development for our staff, and we are thrilled to welcome yet another UAE national to our executive management team," Sultan added.

Abdulwahed Juma joins du from Abu Dhabi Media Incorporated. As a senior leader with a wealth of experience across key business sectors, Abdulwahed will apply his expertise in providing strategic leadership to du's communications departments, driving the company's already successful corporate communications agenda to new heights.

"I am thrilled to join du in this new and challenging role. As we all know, the market place is rapidly undergoing a transformation, and I am delighted to take on this new and exciting challenge to lead the brand and corporate communications team to even greater heights. I look forward to many successful years with du," said Abdulwahed.

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