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Batelco ensures its customer service platforms are protected against cyber-attacks thanks to its strong line of cyber defences, in collaboration with its world-leading partners. The much publicized recent Ransomware cyber-attacks that affected many of the world's major organisations have not impacted Batelco's services to its customers in spite of a number of attempts by Ransomware or similar malicious code such as WannaCry.

Both Batelco's internal networks and its external communications networks have remained safe and protected throughout the weeks during which WannaCry has been loose in the environment.

Batelco Bahrain CEO Eng. Muna Al Hashemi said that Batelco has established partnerships with well-known security providers to meet the wide spectrum of cyber threats and the value of such provisioning becomes clear when major threats, as happened recently, occur.

"The Bahrain market continues to see an increasing demand for innovative and managed security solutions. Technologies such as Cloud, virtualization and enterprise mobility are tremendous business enablers, but the risk of data breaches, identity theft, financial theft and a never-ending stream of virus and malware attacks pose a threat to organisations' network security. Such risks are prompting organisations and government authorities to expand their security efforts to ensure peace of mind," she said.

Batelco Chief Technology & Information Officer Bashier Sallie added, "We constantly evaluate emerging cyber threats against our systems in a proactive manner, which means we are well prepared to defend against such security threats.

"In addition to knowing that the required security measures have already been taken on our networks, we also leverage various Cyber Threat Intelligence in our Security Incident and event management systems to respond to numerous cyber threats we encounter on a daily basis. This has served well and aided in addressing various security challenges that stem from the industry adoption of technological evolution.

"As a matter of procedure when we know threats as destructive as WannaCry are in the wider environment, we will continue to monitor our infrastructure and security protocols to make sure such threats are detected early and responded to in a timely manner minimizing the potential impact to our networks," Mr. Sallie added.

As part of its delivery, Batelco advises business clients on security matters. Any organisation seeking advice should contact their account manager directly while new customers are invited to call 1788 1144.

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