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UAE telecom provider Etisalat has partnered with firm Idemia to enable Embedded SIM (eSIM) technology into smartphones. Idemia, a company specializing in augmented reality, was recently acquired by Otono Networks and now can offer partners eSIM orchestration technology.

Together both companies can now offer eSIM lifecycle management solutions to simplify the adoption of eSIM for both mobile operators (MNOs) and device manufacturers (OEMs). Etisalat partnered with Idemia to provide remote SIM provisioning that will allow consumers to store multiple user profiles on a device simultaneously and switch between them remotely.

eSIM is a global specification by GSMA enabling eSIM provisioning for any mobile device. Embedded SIM is getting popular with the increasing usage and popularity of technologies like IoT and M2M on devices compared to the traditional SIM card. eSIM technologies will gain popularity in the coming period mainly for the automobile sector that comes with embedded technology and solutions.

"Today's partnership is significant as there are billions of devices expected to be connected on IoT and M2M technologies and the need for compatible applications and devices have increased over a period of time," said Esmaeel Alhammadi, Senior Vice President, Network Development, Etisalat.

"It is essential to work with solutions that will provide consumers this flexibility in the usage of our services. Etisalat is continuously striving to keep in line with the technology evolution and the changing dynamic requirements that will help engage and improve customer experience," Alhammadi added.

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