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The latest installment of the du Telecom Knowledge Series held a "Breaking Down the Blockchain Barricade" session for media stakeholders on April 17, at du Headquarters in Dubai. The session was led by Jihad Tayara, du's Vice President Commercial -ICT and Jose Fernandez, du's IoT Blockchain Lead.

This educative session demystified blockchain, a technology that is consuming strategic planning cycles of decision makers across various industries. It further demonstrated best practices of how this technology can be used to address the challenges of trust, accountability and transparency in our smart city future, and the next steps industries must take in the adoption of this technology.

"The integrity of data is key in a world where the majority of our interactions will be digitalized. du is already piloting blockchain in the UAE healthcare sector with the aim of promoting innovation and the use of next generation technologies to enhance our country's position as a leading center for innovation and knowledge economy," said Jihad Tayara, Vice President Commercial - ICT, du. "The du Telecom Knowledge Series aims to bridge the knowledge gap, when it comes to emerging technologies such as blockchain, for our media stakeholders so that they are equipped with the right information when creating content about the technology."

While blockchain is the technology of the moment, as with any new technology, implementation will take time. Currently, blockchain is being trialed through use cases implemented on a small scale. du has partnered with NMC Healthcare in the UAE to implement Electronic Health Records with the use of Blockchain technology. This is an initiative from du, as a member of The Global Blockchain Council (GBC) which was established by the Dubai Future Foundation, to test and accelerate the implementation of the technology in the country.

du Telecom Knowledge Series is a platform that targets members of the local media with the aim of sharing knowledge and expertise to provide a better understanding of the latest and most important industry topics. Sessions are presented by key du personnel and aim at positively contributing to the raising awareness about and developing the industry.

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