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Saudi telecommunications operator Mobily has announced the successful nationalization of its customer care and call centers across the KSA.

Mobily expanded its call and customer care centers in Jeddah and Dammam to accommodate the newly recruited Saudi employees.

This comes only five weeks after Mobily announced it was starting to nationalize its call centers. Today's event was attended by Chief Customer Care Officer Ismail AlGhamdi and a number of Mobily seniors.

"Saudizing the call centers has been our goal for some time. We have succeeded in achieving this feat in record time by the grace of Allah then the efforts of the Mobily team and our partners. The team worked around the clock to recruit, interview, and appoint Saudi cadres. In tandem, training and preparation were taking place to provide service to our customers along with the installation of new equipment and programming to ensure optimum quality in record time," commented Ismail AlGhamdi.

In addition to developing the call centers and training the Saudi teams managing them, Mobily also developed and modernized its digital- and self-services thus giving customers greater control flexibility.

Mobily also developed the female call and customer care centers enabling female employees to perform their work within a convenient environment, noting that 25% of call center staff is female.

It should be noted that the directives of the Communications and Information Technology Commission as well as Mobily's positive response to calls for customer care to take place within Saudi Arabia have contributed significantly to expediting the completion of the project and implementation in record time.

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