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Etisalat makes a major digital showcase in healthcare, bringing a wide array of smart solutions and concepts in the spotlight at GITEX Technology Week 2018.

This is in line with Etisalat's objective to support the national agenda to achieve a world-class healthcare system.

Dr Ahmed bin Ali, Group Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Etisalat, said: "We are at the forefront of the innovation in digital health. Etisalat's solutions are aimed at creating a more efficient and reliable healthcare system and transforming the healthcare of tomorrow.

"Our solutions can sequence one's whole genome and find out a patient's future conditions, the likelihood of developing certain diseases, while bringing in solutions that train surgeons better before getting inside the operating theater through immersive reality. We, at Etisalat, envision creating telemedicine networks where caregivers can collaborate and patients can have easy access to the best care possible regardless where they live."

This week Etisalat unveils Robo-Pharmacy, a showcase of an unmanned, futuristic pharmacy system. It will be the first hands-on experience of Etisalat's 5G technology believed to change people's lives. It uses the 5G connection between the hospital, pharmacy, and capturing the data to provide convenience to the customer through virtual futuristic technologies.

Another revolutionary showcase is the CAE Vimedix ultrasound simulator, a high-fidelity simulator designed to make learning more engaging and intuitive. The unique system features a mannequin, several simulated ultrasound probes and an expanding library of cases.

SharpSurgeon, a VR spine surgery simulator and training, brings a new perspective to classical medical education methods. This solution allows resident doctors to train while conducting complex surgeries. It provides a repeatable and standard tutoring environment and an add-on to any government current training curriculum while offering highly realistic hand-based interactions in an immersive training environment that reflects the modern operating room.

At Etisalat's stand, discover how augmented reality is revolutionizing medical education. See a beating human body to life in full 3D in front of you using the AR functionality of Apple iPad.

3D4Medical's interactive anatomy learning platform 'Complete Anatomy' brings the human body to life in a stunning 3D, with incredible interactive functionality and learning content presented through augmented and mixed reality.

Visitors can also check out 'Haptic Ultrasound', a robot-based application that represents a potential application in which a sensitive robot can assist a physician. In the future, lightweight robots designed to be particularly collaborative will take on an increasing number of assistance tasks in the field of healthcare. The solution gives access to the healthcare experts enabling them to perform a ultrasound remotely via 5G and diagnose the patient.

Home care takes a leap into the future with virtual clinic care, a system offering travelling clinicians and nurses the ability to carry out medical exams while connected to the specialists of a health facility streaming all vitals and images through a virtual clinical encounter.

At GITEX, Etisalat is also delivering a patient engagement software solution that seamlessly integrates healthcare IT systems and clinical applications. Patients can stay entertained by watching eLife TV, on demand movies, playing games and video chat with friends. The system allows patients to order food and even control the lights and the room temperature.

Made of Genes, a scale up under the Dubai Future Accelerator Program, was chosen by Etisalat Digital bringing a high-performing computational platform to improve health and wellness through personal genomics and P4 medicine: preventive, personalized, predictive and participatory. Such a partnership is a testimony to our commitment to deliver solutions to the healthcare industry by providing analytical tools and providing data to access risks related to developing certain diseases and personalize individual treatments.

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