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Saudi Arabia's Business Communications announced the launch of the Future Solutions Platform, which aims to support Saudi talent in technology and innovation, to invest and provide innovative technology solutions and to create an environment conducive to local talent to help make Saudi Arabia a strong competitor in the world of modern technology.

STC awarded the winners of the Traffic Management Challenge with cash prizes. The team that came in first place was led by Abdulkarim Al-Thuwaini and Ayoub AL-Issa, the second place team was led by Mohammed Kassem and Ahmad Qassem while the team that came in third was led by Talal Al-Tamimi, Ammar Nabulsi, Faisal Al-Arini.

The Dathathon Traffic Management Competition aims to raise awareness of the importance of big data and knowledge sharing by developing participants' skills to reach professional levels. Datathon is one of the most important technical competitions in the region. It simulates creativity and innovation and supports many training programs that enable them to access the advanced technical environment in the field of data analysis and utilization.

"The Future Solutions Platform is the first of its kind in the Kingdom to support talented young people to experience and develop innovative solutions that drive them to improve their skills," said Dr. Tarig Enaya, Senior Vice President of Business Unit at Saudi Telecom.

He added, "We are proud to honour the sons and daughters who participated in the competition and won the first places, and we are constantly seeking to achieve a high level of creating opportunities and the spirit of competition and digital innovation through introducing of such competitions, where participated in the competitions of the "traffic management" more than 195 participants and participants from different regions of the Kingdom.

"Dathathon Traffic Management helps in assessing the level of knowledge in the big data area of ​​the participants and contributing to the creation of a qualified generation of young people who have the ability to take advantage of the big data available, analyze and turn it into useful information, To meet and exchange knowledge and expertise in the field of big data in the Kingdom.”

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