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As a pioneer in 5G technology Chinese smartphone vendor OPPO has connected with regional telecom service providers, regulators, and global ICT solution providers to accelerate the commercialization of 5G enabled smartphones at the 5G MENA 2019 summit in Dubai.

To further its commitment of developing the 5G ecosystem, the leading global smartphone brand also announced collaboration with Etisalat to test the compatibility of OPPO 5G smartphones with Etisalat’s 5G network to ensure that user experience reaches the level for commercial use. This is the first 5G smartphone test between carrier and smartphone in GCC region.

At this year’s 5G MENA summit, Zhang Zhi, 5G Expert from OPPO presented the company’s vision of being a 5G era pioneer. This included a keynote speech on 9th April as well as a panel discussion with representatives from Etisalat and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

“While the underlying 5G network infrastructure is vital to a connected future, the capacity of super-powerful 5G networks only matters when people can leverage these benefits in their everyday lives,” says Andy Shi, Preside of OPPO Middle East & Africa. “This makes the pivot to 5G all the more important to our industry.”

“This year is the first of 5G commercialization and is set to be a game-changer that revolutionizes the smartphone industry”, adds Shi. “. At OPPO, we have always focused on the user experience and know that today’s consumers expect their smartphone to leverage 5G to bring about more immersive, seamless and intuitive digital services.”

Commenting on the collaboration with OPPO, Khaled Elkhouly, Chief Consumer Officer, Etisalat, said: “We at Etisalat are excited to work closely with OPPO to test the compatibility of its 5G smartphones with our 5G network, ensuring that user experience reaches the level for commercial use. It is part of our commitment to build partnerships with world leading smartphone manufacturers and technology leaders, and enable our customers to enjoy the best-in-class performance and our 5G network that boasts of ultra-high speeds and low latency services.

“Our management’s strategy to focus on digital innovation and to ‘Drive the digital future to empower societies’ have led to investments in superior and state-of-the-art technology solutions on the network. With continuous investments in technology and innovation on the network, Etisalat’s infrastructure can enable 5G connectivity today for all fixed and mobile devices expected to be launched in the first half of this year.” Added Elkhouly.

At the summit, Zhang Zhi highlighted OPPO’s belief that 5G will form the essential foundation for our future smart world. He added that 5G will enable realization of the Internet of Everything vision, and emphasize experience over everything else. 5G will further empower the development of “cognitive intelligence” and accelerate the evolution of the Artificial Intelligence of Things, or AIoT.

OPPO remains committed to be one of the key contributors to the 5G ecosystem in the region and is helping shape the next generation of connectivity through contributions in research, software and hardware development, deep consumer insight and a robust ecosystem of strong industry partners.

The company recently launched its “5G Landing Project” with several operator partners to accelerate the commercialization of 5G products and services worldwide. Last month, OPPO also announced that its’ first 5G smartphone has successfully passed 5G CE tests conducted by Sporton International Inc., making it compliant with EU requirements in areas such as wireless, electromagnetic compatibility, health and safety.

OPPO formed a 5G standardization team as early as 2015 to focus on the research and development of 5G standards. To date, OPPO has obtained more than 1,000 global patents related to 5G technology, and partnered with industry heavyweights such as chipmaker Qualcomm on their ‘5G Pioneer’ initiative.

The company is consistently ranked among the top five smartphone brands in the world and in January 2019 opened its second regional hub within the UAE, making Dubai its new center for operations in the Middle East & Africa.

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