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Etisalat aims to have 1000 base stations by the end of the year with 700 sites completed as of now, leading to 30 percent of the main cities. By 2020, Etisalat aims to complete 40 percent of the main cities.

With the launch of 3 new devices and 1 fixed CPE device, the demand for 5G services is expected to grow. Additionally, there are more 5G devices expected to be launched this year. The demand for 5G services is set to increase as it makes its way into the market for individual customers and enterprises.

Expo 2020 is a global event and will play a significant role in the deployment of 5G. There are 200 sites set to be installed at Expo. Etisalat is making sure that their network will be able support and enable all the technologies and services that visitors will use and enjoy at the event.

Etisalat believes that 5G goes beyond connecting people. Etisalat is already collaborating with customers on 5G to deliver long-term value across entertainment, logistics, automotive, smart cities and energy & utilities.

5G is a critical enabler for the 4th Industrial Revolution. It will create new opportunities and improve productivity across key verticals such as public safety & smart city, ports & logistics, oil & gas, transportation, manufacturing, automotive, health and energy & utilities. The network’s benefits will help drive efficiency for public and private sectors while enhancing quality of life for UAE residents.

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