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The Meqyas governmental report, issued by the Communications and Information Technology Commission, has revealed that stc registered the highest mobile internet downloading speed average in the Kingdom during Q4 of 2019 with 52.7 Mbps , an increase of 16.1% compared with Q3 of the same year. 

The results were reached after millions of daily network tests on customer consumption were performed using various applications and platforms. Stc achieved the highest data speed in the Kingdom (45.15), with the average of data download speeds reaching 50.41Mbps, and data upload speeds reaching 20.03Mbps. The percentage of coverage and service availability reached 99.90 %, leading to a high rate of wide coverage amounting to 782. This makes stc the leading network operator in the region.

Engineer Haitham Alfaraj, senior vice president of technology and operation, stated that stc’s high ranking according to the Meqyas report further confirmed the network’s leadership in the Kingdom, describing stc as the biggest, most trusted, and most technologically advanced.

He then emphasized the group’s commitment to providing advanced services and innovative customer service experiences that enrich the lives of customers, as well as its empowerment of digital transformation in alignment with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 and the group’s DARE strategy. 

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