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Etisalat has announced that it will provide businesses with free access for three months using its online collaboration platform, Etisalat CloudTalk Meeting.

The platform aims to help companies maintain business continuity by providing a secure platform to collaborate from any device, location and network in the country.

It will enable business operations to remain uninterrupted with Cloudtalk’s unlimited video conferencing feature and online collaboration sessions without any additional fee for this service.

The platform provides state-of-the-art features for meetings and collaborations that help in boosting business productivity and contributes to an elevated user experience.

Etisalat CloudTalk Meeting participants can use any computer with a browser, mobile phone, and tablet, or simply dial a toll-free number from any phone to join the conference.

Users will be able to collaborate and communicate using advanced features like video chat, instant messaging, group chats, draw schemas, use the whiteboard, and much more with Etisalat CloudTalk Meeting.

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