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stc announced its new working from home policy which grants working parents the option to work remotely throughout the academic school year. The policy was put into effect to allow stc employees to supervise and support their children as they attend their classes online.

stc released a statement indicating that due to the circumstances created by the novel Coronavirus, additional safety measures have been enforced by the Kuwaiti Government to commence the school year through online learning. This decision has influenced the traditional education system within the country, presenting new challenges to working parents and their children. To support its employees throughout this period, stc implemented the new work from home policy to assist parents in easing the transition of new learning methods for their children. The policy will enable parents to ensure that their children successfully attend their online classes, complete their schoolwork, and manage any technical difficulties in accessing e-learning services.

The work from home policy falls in line with the Company’s ongoing commitment to support its employees and their families in times of uncertainty. Throughout the pandemic, stc applied a series of initiatives to protect its employees and mitigate working conditions to meet the safety measures and guidelines announced by the Ministry of Health.

Engineer Ahmed Hamad Al Hammad, Chief Human Resources Officer at stc said, “stc highly values its employees, and it is only through their hard work and dedication can stc achieve its goal of offering advanced telecom and digital solutions, enabling digital transformation. The new work from home policy aims to assist our employees in taking care of their priorities at home, while continuing to deliver and maintain the superior level of service that stc provides.”

He added, “With the start of the new school year, it would be difficult for working parents to work from the office while trying to manage their children’s online curriculum. We are proud to be the first Company in the private sector to provide our employees with the option of working remotely to address this concern. As pioneers in our industry, we believe that adapting our corporate culture to economic conditions engenders employee loyalty and improves overall work efficiency to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers.”

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