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Zain Saudi Arabia has won the three prizes devoted to the experience of 5G users for each of the indicators of "download speed of the fifth generation network" (5G) and "the provision of fifth generation services (5G)" and "Download speed for fifth generation (5G) users."

Open Signal, the global company specialized in evaluating user experience standards for mobile services, has confirmed that Zain Saudi Arabia leads telecom operators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to experience the fifth generation, according to its report on the experience of 5G users issued in January 2021. Zain Saudi Arabia won the three prizes assigned to this category for each of the indicators of "providing fifth generation services" (5G), "download speed for fifth generation users" (5G), and "download speed of the fifth generation network" (5G), with big differences according to the report.

The report, which assesses actual experiences from the ground of 5G network users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, confirmed for the first time that Zain Saudi Arabia’s fifth generation speeds exceeded all other operators, as Zain Saudi Arabia achieved speeds of 374 megabits per second. Massive compared to its peers, at 43%.

Zain Saudi Arabia ranked first in the index of providing fifth generation services (5G), after recording 28.4%. This means that 5G users on the "Zain Saudi" network spent more than a quarter of their time connected to the 5G network, more than any other operator in the Kingdom and many other developed countries.

In parallel, with regard to the download speed experience of the fifth generation (5G) users, users in the Kingdom benefited from the best download speed on the "Zain Saudi" network at a rate of 268 megabits per second, which greatly exceeds the speeds of their counterparts from service providers. The index measures the rate of complete speed that users who own 5G devices have benefited from with the ability to connect to the fifth generation network, taking into account the download rates on the fourth generation networks that fifth generation users experience, in addition to the actual download speed on the fifth generation network and the time they spend connected to each Kind of network.

Open Signal praised the superiority of Zain Saudi Arabia, describing it as a "remarkable achievement" that confirms the uniqueness of its 5G network, and its ambitious launch of the fifth generation, which achieved a major transformation in the mobile service experience, especially in terms of speed and service provision to users.

The report also added that the superiority of Zain Saudi Arabia in terms of network provision is a major contributor to the Kingdom's success globally in the field of mobile services, revealing that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has achieved an impressive record at the international level in the fifth generation experience, compared to 15 leading countries in this field.

This new achievement for Zain Saudi Arabia complements the series of achievements made by its 5G network since its launch, which are based on a specific depth of infrastructure investment and an operational strategy that balances growth, innovation and expansion. This enabled Zain Saudi Arabia to launch the largest 5G network in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, and the fourth largest 5G network in the world.

Zain Saudi Arabia won, during the Telecom Review Summit for telecom sector leaders, 3 awards, which are: “Best Growth for 5G users, “The best infrastructure for the fifth generation (5G) network”, and “The best provider of cloud computing.”

 This network has expanded since its launch in the Kingdom, and now covers about 50 cities through more than 4,700 towers, through which it provides the best and fastest experience of 5G services by integrating 5G frequencies, which enables internet speed to reach 2.4 gigabits per second. Zain Saudi Arabia was the first telecom operator in the world to offer this feature.

Zain Saudi Arabia CEO, Eng. Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al-Daghaither said: “Once again, Zain Saudi Arabia registers its digital leadership, with the testimony of a prestigious international reviewer. Such achievements give us more impetus to continue in the development and expansion trend that Zain Saudi Arabia has always maintained until In the most difficult circumstances, inspired by the aspirations of our wise leadership, and the Kingdom’s vision 2030, to achieve the best for our country. We affirm our direction to be one of the pioneers of innovation and lead the generation of the fourth industrial revolution, in a way that promotes the achievement of a comprehensive digital transformation in our beloved kingdom, diversifying its economy, raising its competitiveness, and upgrading With the level of quality of life and community empowerment. " he added," We are confident that the qualitative expansion of the quality of the fifth generation network services for "Zain Saudi Arabia"And their level of geographical coverage, they will open the door to unlimited growth opportunities in the fields of artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and future technologies. ”

"Zain Saudi Arabia" adds the report of "Open Signal" to the record of achievements of its 5G network, which, since its launch, has been appreciated and praised locally, regionally and internationally. The company recently won for the second time the SpeedTest Award, presented by the global company “Ookla”, for the fastest home internet in the Kingdom during the year 2020.

On the local level, Zain Saudi Arabia achieved advanced ranks in the report of indicators of the quality and speed of Internet services And the speed of access to digital content in the Kingdom "Meqyas", issued by the Communications and Information Technology Commission.

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