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stc announced the signing of a partnership with dizmo to launch a smart home platform in the future city of NEOM, as one of the set of sustainable solutions for smart cities, based on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and orchestrated home control.

This technology offers an unprecedented level of interoperability across different domains of city life. As an example, COVID has strongly shifted societal attention towards healthy behaviours – conceivably, every smart home today must have a health dimension. To that end, stc, with dizmo as its partner, is bringing a health and wellness extension to the Neom smart home via integration with healthy lifestyle devices such as Fitbit, while also interoperating with the healthcare system for a collaborative relationship with the doctor.

stc said that the partnership is in line with the company's strategy in digital empowerment and providing innovative digital solutions in NEOM to contribute to building a new model of sustainability for the city.

stc Group recently signed an agreement with NEOM to operate a fifth generation communications network (5G), in addition to establishing an innovation center there for applications in virtual reality, augmented reality, smart home development, autonomous vehicles and the interaction between residents and digital infrastructure.

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