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Etisalat welcomed its first cohort of talented Emirati graduates to the Etisalat AI Graduate Programme recently. These graduates will begin an exciting and challenging nine-month journey with Etisalat subject matter experts supported by digital online learning platforms with specialized tracks in these fields.  

The Etisalat AI Graduate Programme will span two cohorts in 2021: the current cohort in October and the next in December.  It is supported by on-the-job learning, business-critical projects and real-life cases to provide the next generation of leaders with authentic learning experiences that will set their career pathways up for success.

The programme is designed to combine power skills and deep technical certification in partnership with a specialised digital learning and talent transformation platform. It will provide them with an unmatched opportunity to gain work-based experience in multiple disciplines such as cyber security, data science, neuro-linguistic programming, machine learning, deep learning and AI.

Each graduate will receive a personal development plan along with mentorship, coaching, and regular feedback. With comprehensive on-the-job training from day one, graduates will immerse themselves in real-life business cases to produce solutions to today's challenging problems.

The candidates joining this cohort were selected through an intense two-week hackathon 'HackAI', where they competed in generating creative solutions to a series of tech challenges. This first-of-its-kind hackathon tested participants' skills across eight hypothetical challenges in AI, IT security, data analysis, Python, machine learning, and programming. Etisalat will continue to run its 'Hack AI' series as an innovative means to recruit top talent and graduates in technology.

During the orientation day, Dena Al Mansoori, group chief human resources officer of Etisalat, welcomed the cohort to the Etisalat AI Graduate Programme and gave them a glimpse into the exciting months ahead.

Addressing the group of ambitious graduates, Al Mansoori said, "We are delighted to be part of shaping the future by developing the leaders and dreamers of tomorrow in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data and cyber security skills. In addition to these technical skills, soft power skills are fundamental, which is why a focus on areas such as communication, problem-solving, empathy, and collaboration will be a key part of your development journey."

"As an incubation hub for emerging tech and non-tech talent, Etisalat is training the next generation of leaders as part of our continuous efforts to invest in our youth and support their career growth. We are pleased to welcome young and promising Emiratis such as yourselves who are looking for a challenge and build a greater tomorrow by helping us drive the digital future."

Alia Nasser, a 24-year-old graduate with a bachelor of applied science in information systems, said, "I am honoured and excited to join Etisalat and give back to my country. I can see myself being at Etisalat, a market leader, for a long period and look forward to contributing and making a positive impact."

This first cohort marks the beginning of the Etisalat AI Graduate Programme as part of Etisalat's commitment to building the digital future with our youth and empowering them to be the pioneers and leaders of tomorrow.

In line with the company's recent announcement to hire 100 national graduates by the end of 2021 in response to the UAE's NAFIS programme, Etisalat is participating in the ongoing Tawdheef 2021 and the upcoming Careers UAE.

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