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Zain KSA has signed four MoUs with 4 world-leading telecom technology giants: Huawei, Nokia, Tata Technologies, and Beyond Technology Al Saudia (BTAS), in addition to an MSSP agreement with Fortinet.

The collaborations are part of Zain KSA's strategy to develop its innovation and improve the customer experience for individuals, businesses, and government agencies, in accordance with the latest international standards and information security best practices.

In his remarks, Zain KSA’s chief business and wholesale officer Eng. Saad Al-Sadhan, stated, “We are proud to be partnering with prominent and pioneering names in the world of technology which signifies Zain KSA’s structured commitment to achieving excellence through sizable quality investments.”

The MoU with Huawei entails mutual cooperation for the full deployment of the 5G network within the SME sector, as well as the utilization of 5G solutions for warehouses. Zain KSA will also cooperate with Huawei on the analysis of global trends in addition to 5G innovation development to achieve the best value for subscribers while encouraging wider adoption of 5G technologies in Saudi Arabia.

As per the MoU with Nokia, Zain KSA will leverage Nokia's innovative use cases in many areas, including reliable, high-speed digital business solutions, by developing 5G use cases in various fields. This would achieve the best customer experience and improve the network’s operational efficiency. The MoU also entails a strategic partnership to develop and market Nokia's business solutions through Zain KSA, including a plan to access the market for the targeted sectors and achieve added value.

In parallel, the MoU with Tata Communications outlines bilateral cooperation for supporting the growth of the business sector through joint projects related to software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and global contact centers, as well as the application of smart transport and IoT solutions in a variety of sectors such as smart waste handling, smart metering, and other smart city use cases.

Meanwhile, the MoU with BTAS is mainly concerned with providing an integrated portfolio of B2B cybersecurity solutions. The two parties will also exchange expertise in the field of information security operations center (SOC), as well as analyze and assess cyber threats in the Kingdom, promote awareness of the importance of cybersecurity, and review relevant governance requirements.

With Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity solutions, they will expand their collaboration to strengthen the security of Zain Cloud services dedicated to start-up, enterprise, SME, and government sectors.

“At Zain KSA, we continue to work to attract the best and latest technologies to the Kingdom, taking into account 3 main aspects: The first is national and is associated with our role, as a leading Saudi company, in supporting the Kingdom-wide digital transformation in line with Saudi Vision 2030, through deploying the best and latest technologies to the Kingdom. The second aspect is economic and is reflected through our keenness to achieve the best returns and value for the business sector by harnessing ground-breaking technologies to support the growth and expansion of their businesses efficiently and effectively. The third is humanitarian, and is related to improving the quality of life in the Kingdom, based on the vital role innovative technologies play in achieving individual well-being,” Al-Sadhan added.

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