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etisalat by e&, the new branding of Etisalat UAE, announced the successful deployment and testing for mobile network slicing through 5G, in collaboration with Huawei.

The 5G network slicing technology is an integral service that can harmonize the infrastructure as well as improve its visibility, control and flexibility. By definition, network slicing works by chopping up the existing network to ensure dedicated bandwidth to a selected application or process, offering reduced latency, sensitivity or speed to a company’s most critical systems. Moreover, this architecture is more advanced in 5G private networks, with both operators and customers benefiting from the technology’s control and efficiency.

It is worth noting that etisalat by e& has offered the world’s fastest 5G download speed but alongside speed, it is also important to have a reliable connection, uplink throughput, improved latency and stable connectivity. Hence, with 5G network slicing, etisalat by e& can add value to the end-user experience by meeting the increasing connectivity requirements with guaranteed service levels.

Khalid Murshed, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Etisalat UAE (etisalat by e&) said, “This is yet another incredibly valuable step forward in delivering outstanding customer experiences where we bring new ideas to life through 5G slicing of the network by partnering with Huawei. Network slicing will play a crucial role in relaying a seamless experience for consumers and enterprises by enabling new and innovative 5G services as well as creating an indelible impact on industries such as gaming, entertainment and healthcare.”

etisalat by e& was provided Huawei’s support through the vendor’s unique end-to-end (E2E) converged approach and its 5G core solution. Gavin Wang, Head of Etisalat Key Account at Huawei Technologies, commented, “We are proud to continue supporting the UAE to realize its digital transformation objectives and, in particular, Etisalat UAE in its vision to bring the best in smart connectivity and innovative digitalized solutions to its customers.”

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