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du Youth Council provided a unique opportunity to a group of talented high school graduates to gain skills and learn more about the telecommunications sector at its innovative new HQ in Dubai Hills.

As part of the exclusive program, a group of UAE students were invited to shadow du employees in several departments while du Youth Council facilitated a high quality learning environment with a focus on skills development, formal training and practical work experience. The telco aims to play an important role in engaging and equipping the future workforce with dynamic skill demands that are valuable when working in various companies, organizations and communities.

This is in line with the World Youth Skills Day, a United Nations initiative that highlights the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, work and entrepreneurship.

Moreover, the du Youth Council also reiterated its commitment to empowering Emirati youth within the organization by helping them realize their professional potential and building a talent pipeline that fosters the economic imperatives of the UAE’s knowledge-based economy through ICT.

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