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e&, in partnership with Nokia and supported by UN Women, recently successfully concluded its first “Women in Leadership” program, solidifying its commitment to promoting gender diversity, empowering women and encouraging sustainable business practices. The program is part of the Nokia-UN Women collaboration series.

The closing event at e&'s Open Innovation Centre in Dubai marked a significant milestone as the first in-person ceremony for Nokia's training program in the Middle East. The event included 20 participants and 14 panelists to wrap up the program with presentations, pitches and discussion.

The “Women in Leadership” program is designed to increase the number of women in decision-making roles within the tech sector and integrate gender-balanced approaches to innovative business opportunities and technology solutions. The program aligns with the UN Women's Empowerment Principles, of which both e& and Nokia are signatories, with the goal of empowering women to pursue leadership roles and contribute to a better future for all.

Dena Al Mansoori, group chief HR officer, e&, said: “A year ago, we launched the Women in Leadership program with Nokia and UN Women, fueled by an unwavering belief that collectively, we can make real, meaningful change.  Today, I'm inspired by the remarkable ideas and solutions generated by our participants, all determined to leave a positive impact on our communities. We are proud to be able to shape a different narrative, break barriers, and forge a path for women in tech where a more inclusive leadership can thrive.”

During the six-month program, participants tackled four essential challenges pertaining to the ICT sector. These challenges included promoting eco-friendly options in the UAE, ensuring data transparency, managing energy consumption for e& subscribers, and addressing barriers for women in the tech industry.

Rima Manna, VP Middle East market unit at Nokia, said:"We're thrilled to have held the first face-to-face closing event in the Middle East with e& and UN Women, showcasing the ideas generated by these extraordinary women. Throughout the program, the participants not only embraced the challenges related to sustainability and women's empowerment but also demonstrated a remarkable capacity for collaboration, innovation and critical thinking, leaving a lasting mark of excellence."

The module journey of the program supported the participants in choosing their challenges that focused on ESG, inclusion and diversity, partnering to work beyond borders and creating innovative business solutions. The challenge winners presented ground-breaking design concepts and prototypes, receiving well-deserved recognition for their innovative ideas at the closing event.

The successful conclusion of the “Women in Leadership” program represents a pivotal moment in fostering gender equity in the tech industry. By breaking barriers, forging new paths, and empowering inclusive leadership, e& and its partners continue to make significant strides towards creating a more diverse and prosperous future for all.

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