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Vodafone Qatar's network performance has garnered recognition in the recently released 2022 Quality of Service (QoS) Audit of Mobile Networks. This comprehensive evaluation, undertaken by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) of Qatar from June to October 2022, highlights Vodafone Qatar's commitment to providing top-tier connectivity.

The CRA's annual QoS audit encompasses a range of metrics, including call setup success rate, call drop rate and data service performance, among others. Vodafone Qatar's outstanding results in the audit reflect its unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional connectivity solutions to both consumer and business segments throughout the nation.

The audit report indicates significant progress, notably in data download speeds, which soared to 823.2 Mbps from 580.7 Mbps in the previous year. Moreover, the voice quality index for calls experienced an elevation to 3.96 points from the preceding year's 3.88 points. The percentage of unsuccessful calls experienced a substantial reduction from 1.06% in 2021 to a mere 0.18% last year, with an impressive 99.6% success rate for calls during the audit period.

Sheikh Hamad Abdulla Jassim Al Thani, chief executive officer at Vodafone Qatar, said: "We are delighted to receive such positive results in the 2022 Quality of Service Audit from the CRA. This achievement underscores our continuous efforts to provide the people of Qatar with world-class connectivity solutions and unmatched user experiences. Vodafone Qatar’s investment in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, coupled with our relentless focus on customer satisfaction, has enabled us to maintain our position as a preferred telecommunications partner in the nation."

Ramy Boctor, chief technology officer at Vodafone Qatar, stated: "Our results reflect how Vodafone has successfully harnessed emerging technologies to deliver unparalleled connectivity experiences. Our consistent investment in technologies such as fiber connectivity and 5G in recent years has enabled us to achieve remarkable improvements in data speeds, voice quality and network reliability. These all come as part of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in order to provide our customers with the most advanced and seamless connectivity solutions available."

In the current year, Vodafone Qatar has achieved a remarkable feat by achieving internet speeds of 100 Gbps on its fiber network, setting a new standard in the process. Notably, Vodafone Qatar has become the first telecommunications service provider in the Middle East to exclusively offer "Gigabit only" speeds for residential connectivity. This accomplishment has established a fresh yardstick within the region and solidified Vodafone Qatar's unwavering commitment to furnishing cutting-edge technology and top-tier services to its valued clientele.

Building upon these milestones, Vodafone remains steadfast in its efforts to underscore the reliability of its services, the extent of proactive investments in its network and its resolute dedication to realizing its vision of delivering unparalleled connectivity experiences to its customers in Qatar. As Qatar progresses toward a future that is increasingly driven by digital advancements and interconnectedness, Vodafone Qatar plays a pivotal role in nurturing the nation's growth trajectory. Through robust connectivity solutions, Vodafone Qatar empowers both individuals and organizations, contributing to the country's ongoing journey towards a digitally empowered future.

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