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Zain Saudi Arabia and Nokia have agreed to jointly develop 5G infrastructure based on Cloud RAN technology to leverage the potential of future technologies and contribute to the development of innovative services that enhance the user experience.

 Underscored in the MoU signed during LEAP 2024, the two companies will expand the application of 5G-based Cloud RAN technology across diverse sectors, encompassing both individual and business services. This initiative targets a significant enhancement in the efficiency of communication networks and services, ultimately delivering innovative digital solutions throughout the kingdom.

Commenting on this cooperation, Zain Saudi Arabia’s Chief Operating Officer, Engineer Abdulrahman Hamad Al Mufadda, said, “The process of development and innovation at Zain Saudi Arabia is a sustainable process. We always seek to discover advanced technologies and attract them to the Kingdom to develop solutions and services for the digital future generation, employing them and providing the best digital experience to our customers in line with the comprehensive digital transformation goals of Saudi Vision 2030. From this standpoint, our cooperation with Nokia is a practical translation of our commitment to leading innovation in the national communications and digital services sector, and employing Cloud RAN technologies to enhance network performance, enriching the digital experiences of our subscribers.”

Developing 5G infrastructure based on Cloud RAN technology offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it enables more flexible and efficient network management, allowing operators to dynamically allocate resources according to demand, leading to improved network performance and reduced latency.

Additionally, Cloud RAN facilitates centralized processing, enabling the deployment of advanced network features such as network slicing and edge computing, which are essential for supporting emerging applications like autonomous vehicles and augmented reality.

Moreover, Cloud RAN architecture enables cost savings by utilizing commercial off-the-shelf hardware and virtualized network functions, reducing the need for dedicated hardware at each cell site.

Engineer Mikko Lavanti, Senior Vice President of Mobile Networks in the Middle East and Africa, Nokia, noted that “partnering with a leading digital services company such as Zain Saudi Arabia provides us with an important opportunity to discover the hidden capabilities of Cloud RAN technologies. Nokia’s experience in fixed and wireless communications at the global level and Zain Saudi Arabia’s leadership in the Kingdom’s market puts us in a distinguished position to lead the transformation in the telecommunications sector. Together, we aim to discover new opportunities.”

Overall, investing in 5G infrastructure based on Cloud RAN technology is crucial for unlocking the full potential of 5G networks and realizing the benefits of ultra-fast, low-latency connectivity for various industries and applications.

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