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du has officially announced a partnership with Gracia Group. Together, both entities intend to unveil a fully-fledged digital ecosystem, which is poised to transform the agricultural sector in the UAE.

The signing ceremony was attended by H.E. Dr. Amna Al Dahak, Minister of Climate Change and the Environment; Jasim Al Awadi, CICTO at du; and Hamed Al Hamed Founder and CEO of Gracia Group.

Agritech Platform

Leveraging the power of ICT, cloud computing, automation, IoT, data science, and AI to further realize the country’s vision for advanced, sustainable, and secure farming practices, the agritech platform comes equipped with an e-commerce framework that transforms and automates traditional agricultural processes, fosters connectivity, and introduces new agritech methods.

Jasim Al Awadi, CICTO at du, said, “At du, we are committed to leading the digital revolution that drives our nations forward. This agritech platform is a testament to our endeavor to merge ICT with the agricultural sector, providing a robust platform that caters to the diverse needs of the UAE's farming community. As we embrace innovation, we understand the responsibility we carry towards contributing to the UAE’s food security, youth in agriculture and economic diversification.”

Set to automate and digitize the operations of agriculture, the agritech platform integrates Agriculture 360o, a unique model designed by Gracia Group which allows the agritech platform to offer end-to-end, comprehensive one-stop-shop services covering all aspects of agriculture and farming for farmers, suppliers, buyers, agritech entities, business entities and retail outlets.

Hamed Al Hamed, CEO of Gracia Group, said, “The inception of this agritech platform is a crucial step towards reshaping the agricultural spectrum in the UAE. By integrating modern technologies and digital excellence to farming practices, we pledge to support the governments' strategic directions for food security and agricultural sustainability.”

Digital Transformation in Agriculture

This partnership and advanced technology aims to modernize the UAE’s agricultural sector, emphasizing du’s dedication to innovation and supporting food security and sustainability. The agritech platform facilitates various aspects of farming—from trading and training to accessing market information—resulting in more investment opportunities and encouraging locals to engage in farming through training and support programs.

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