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On the advent of Holy month of Ramadan, Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) offers a package of varied content services that have rich value for both individual and family through audio and text messages to be received by the subscribers in these services while providing the experience of this service for a free week effective from date of subscription.

Mobily and UFM Radio station present a range of exclusive services, such as ""our menue"" service where subscribers can get the most delicious dishes and Ramadan recipes. This service can be obtained by sending a text message contains 11 to604 444.

The content services include ""the story of a verse,"" which is an educational service that offers many lessons and wisdom when listening to the verses. Subscribers can add this service by sending SMS contains 14 to 604444 .Moreover, there are several other programs offered for free during the first week of Ramadan enabling subscribers to join the most important programs of UFM Radio station such as ""Women around the Prophet"" peace be upon him, by sending SMS contains 17 to 604 444 to participate in this program which provides tips for self-development, based on a set of educational aspects for the development of family and society. The subscriber can also subscribe in historic program by sending SMS contains 15 to 604 444 to learn from successful historic stories and how to deal with crisis in a training and educational program for self-development with historic fragrance.

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