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Ooredoo recently became the first operator to launch 4G services in Algeria, completing the pre-launch phase, as part of its network leadership strategy. With the launch in Algeria, Ooredoo now providers 4G services in eight markets across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, positioning the operator as one of the leading 4G providers worldwide.

The 4G launch was conducted in Tlemcen in north-western Algeria, according to Gulf Times, which is one of three provinces (as well as including Tizi Ouzou and Bechar) to receive the first access to 4G mobile services in the North African country. Ooredoo Algeria said the other 48 provinces will receive 4G services in the coming months.

Ooredoo Algeria showcased its range of new 4G handsets and laptops, as well as innovative services such as app downloads, during the launch event in Tlemcen. Using a preliminary license from the Algeria Regulatory Authority for post and telecommunications, Ooredoo Algeria has successfully conducted a trial phase to demonstrate the speed and capacity of 4G.

Following the successful trial phase, Ooredoo Algeria is now ready to move on to a full commercial launch of 4G. The trial was conducted with Nokia, during which time Ooredoo Algeria realized speeds of up to 75Mbps on its 4G network which amount to the fastest yet recorded in the country.

""Our launch of 4G in Algeria demonstrates Ooredoo's commitment to investing in superfast networks across all our markets,"" said Sheikh Saud bin Nasser al-Thani, Group CEO, Ooredoo. ""We continue to offer our customers a better data experience, enabling them to enjoy faster downloads and clearer, buffer-free streaming, made possible by the latest network technology.""

The real benefit for Algerians is that they will be able to access 4G data speeds at the same price as Ooredoo Algeria's 3G services. Ooredoo customers will benefit from faster streaming and upload speeds, entertainment services delivered via their mobile devices, and seamless calling. What's more, the network upgrade will support Ooredoo Algeria's efforts to provide e-commerce, m-payments, m-banking, m-health, and m-education services in Algeria.

The launch of 4G in Algeria follows Ooredoo's launch of 4G services in Myanmar in May this year, where Ooredoo again was the first operator in the country to launch 4G. Ooredoo Tunisia also successfully launched 4G services in April, along with innovative bundles for customers that include data allowance, free calling, minutes, video-on-demand services with Ooredoo TV and also online storage services.

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