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Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) continues to offer the best options for connect roaming packages to keep the subscribers connected with internet network while travelling and spending their vacations abroad the Kingdom.

Connect roaming packages range among four attractive options with prices starting from SAR 50 for the daily package of 500 MB and can be activated by sending the code ""safar 1"" to 1100, whereas the weekly package of 2 GB size with the price of SAR 150 can be activated by sending the code ""safar 2 "". It is possible to subscribe in the weekly package with more data volume and a price of SAR 250 which can be activated by sending the code ""safar 3 "" to 1100.

Mobily is unique in providing unlimited data package amounting SAR 350 and the subscriber can activate this package by sending the code ""safar 4"" to 1100. It is possible also to inquire about rates and activation codes for all connect roaming packages by sending the code ""safar"" to 1100.

Mobily is keen to provide various means to activate connect roaming packages in order to provide a distinctive experience to its subscribers. The packages can be activated by making a call via USSD system, and then insert *1100# and then enter to ""roaming"" and then to connect roaming packages to subscribe, or to communicate through the subscriber’s personal account at the website of Mobily and directly enter to ""My Services"" window and then to connect roaming packages window for activation. The subscription can be also activated by visiting any of Mobily's branches that are spread throughout the Kingdom.

Mobily is topping the telecom service providers in the region through providing the better and the best coverage international roaming for 4G data services (LTE) with collaboration with more than 153 operator who are considered the best and largest group of operators around the world.

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