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UAE operator du and Zain KSA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop their human resources through knowledge exchange sessions. The two operators joined hands to share experiences and operational plans during the agreed period, in addition to holding periodic workshops that address several areas of interest and development.

The MoU was signed by Sultan Al-Shahrani, Chief Human Resources at Zain Saudi Arabia, and Ibrahim Nassir, Chief Human Capital and Administration Officer at du, in the presence of senior officials from both sides.

Commenting on this cooperation, Sultan Al-Shahrani said: ""This agreement is aligned with Zain's strategy for the development of human resources; it gives us a unique opportunity to benefit from du's administrative and technical expertise in the region through staff exchange programs, joint ventures, and training programs. In addition, this MoU enables us to further align our strategy the Kingdom's 2030 vision, which focuses on providing citizens with the necessary knowledge to adapt with future labour market needs and skills. We will increase our investment in human capital for developing the performance and rehabilitation of national Saudi employees.""

""The rapid evolution of ICT that is permeating every aspect of life is driving our need to further extend and develop our human capital, and enhancing the effectiveness of our staff through collaboration is one of the main factors to achieve the required growth rates,"" commented Ibrahim Nassir. ""The MoU with Zain will strengthen our two companies' staff expertise and the level of services we offer. While we will develop our employees' skills across different departments and disciplines through continued training programs and prominent partnerships, we also aim to include creativity and innovation in all our operations to achieve excellence and success.""

The first program under the agreement, which started on September 26th and lasted for two weeks, offered the opportunity to rotate functional teams in order to enhance communication and interaction between the two companies. Abdullah Al Sameiri visited Zain Centre in Riyadh and exchanged experiences and ideas on how to develop In-Building Solutions with the company staff and officials. During the program there were sessions and discussions about enhancing the experience of human and technical resources.

Abdullah Al Sameiri said: ""As the first participant in the exchange program with Zain, I am witnessing the way that collaboration is contributing to creating new channels for the flow of information with staff in the same field. During our meeting, we discussed several issues related to how to develop In-Building Solutions and the importance of sharing knowledge in the development of human resources between the two companies. Additionally, we discussed advanced solutions and tools that can enhance the development of services we plan to introduce in the future. Moreover, we shared opinions about the difficulties faced by the telecoms companies in our region as well the strategies and policies to be followed for improving our processes and services.""

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