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Mobily has developed counter (Anti-DDoS) attacks service for the business sector which will provide businesses with complete security from both attacks and cyber hackers which will enable the business sector with the ability to continue operations and continuity.

Mobily is providing (Anti-DDoS) service by cloud computing technology that works in securing electronic services and information security for establishments throughout monitoring, controlling, and analysing network traffic 24/7. This will allow establishments' electronic services to be available permanently with no discontinuity due to the existence of this service in Mobily information security centers in the Kingdom.

Establishments in various activities whether industrial, government, financial, and other business sectors are keen to provide the best electronic services to their clients permanently without discontinuity; therefore, it will become a target fromservice blocker attackers which results in disabling the connection with services servers leading to blocking them from customers, and that leads to administrative losses in required efforts to re-run these services quickly and in limited financial losses in case customers' trust is shaken by the establishment capability in protecting their data and privacy, which can be avoided by using Mobily Anti-DDoS service.

Mobily Business is providing several services to both government and private sectors like internet service, whether mobile or via 4G network or landline or FTTH, and information security and business continuity service which provide protection from attacks and hacks. In addition to advanced information technology services like managed services, M2M services, cloud computing and data centers.

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