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After the election of a new president, Lebanon has eventually acquired a new government, restructuring the entire sectors especially the telecommunications sector.

The newly appointed Telecoms Minister, Jamal Jarrah has already started to work towards enhancing the current situation, promising service improvements in 2017 and vows to modernize the sector.

Jarrah promised to ramp up the fiber optics network. He said the move would result in a record increase of internet speed. He also promised to expand 4G mobile internet connectivity as well as improve cellular network signals.

""What we seek is not only achievement, but also places things on the right track,"" Jarrah said. While highlighting the need to modernize the telecoms sector, the minister asked department employees to prioritize their work in the industry ""to facilitate citizens’ affairs.""

""This sector is a main tributary for the state treasury; it can be developed and modernized to serve the interests of the national economy,"" Jarrah added.

It’s worth mentioning that the Telecommunications Ministry saw an increase in internet sales revenue in 2016 following a major crackdown on illegal internet distributors.

Moreover, the Cabinet appointed Imad Kreidieh as Abdel-Moneim Youssef successor at the head of the state-owned telecommunications company Ogero.

According to Kreidieh improving the sector's technical capabilities is a main priority. ""Choosing me was based on my capabilities in the telecoms sector,"" He said. He is known for his telecoms expertise over the past 25 years.

""I still don't have a clear vision for the telecoms sector in Lebanon, but I am looking forward to rectifying its technical conditions,"" he continued.

Kreidieh added that, in the long run, he will focus on innovation in telecom companies and operating the fiber-optic network ""that only needs a mechanism to connect it with the consumers."" ""This will be within a five-year plan,"" he said.

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