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At HUAWEI CONNECT 2016, Zheng Yelai, president of Huawei IT Product Line, delivered a speech entitled: 'Shape the Cloud, Bridge Today to Tomorrow', where he announced the release of 31 FusionCloud services, FusionStorage 6.0, and the FusionStage PaaS platform.

During the speech he also shared his views with customers, partners, media, and analysts on how Huawei can help enterprises quickly move their business to the cloud and make the best use of available services.

Cloud-based technologies will enable enterprises to make more informed decisions and embrace automatic management, agile innovation, and an open ecosystem. In the last decade, cloud computing has come to be viewed as a revolutionary technology driving the evolution of the IT industry. However, due to data sovereignty restrictions, difficulties in enterprise application migration and other reasons, less than 20% of enterprise applications are currently running on the cloud.

However, the next decade will see enterprises rapidly migrating services to the cloud. This includes migration from non-critical services and standard applications to production systems and critical services. By 2025, it is predicted that more than 85% of enterprise apps will be run from the cloud. In terms of the cloud ecosystem, Huawei is dedicated to building more open platforms to allow for continuous contributions to open-source communities, like OpenStack, Hadoop, Spark, and Docker.

Internet-based services differ considerably from traditional enterprise services. The demand for differentiated services creates the need for differentiated clouds. For internet services, customers' apps have to adapt to a cloud, while for traditional services, a cloud must support customers' apps. To enable Chinese enterprises to go global and foreign enterprises to enter the Chinese market, we need a global cloud and a platform, which calls for a unified API, architecture and ecosystem. Huawei, along with global carriers and other major partners, will build a cloud-based network for enterprises around the world to make optimal use of the cloud.

During today's HUAWEI CONNECT conference, Huawei also released a series of innovative cloud solutions to help customers accelerate the migration of their apps to the cloud. These solutions comprise 31 cloud services which can be grouped into 10 categories (including those for computing, storage, network, security, data analysis, databases, testing and development and management services). These services, along with Huawei's previously released cloud services, constitute Huawei's comprehensive IT IaaS framework.

To meet users' increasing storage demands, Huawei has launched FusionStorage 6.0, which supports distributed block, file, and object storage. This solution is designed to help customers address potential challenges arising from migration of their services to a cloud by providing the performance and capacity of a fully distributed architecture, flexible and optional infrastructure, and an open and compatible architecture.

Huawei's new FusionStage PaaS platform features an open architecture which offers enterprises a complete environment for app development, deployment, operation, and management. In addition, it provides a wide range of middleware services, including for Big Data and IoT as well as application components specific to different industries. The FusionStage supports mainstream development language and protocol. It also allows customers to deploy a new micro service in less than one minute, as well as millions of containers.

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