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DarkMatter, the international cyber security firm headquartered in the UAE, launched a Trusted Transparency Program and calls on the technology ecosystem to evolve its outlook to embrace more rigorous vetting of platforms, infrastructure, and operating systems to remove vulnerabilities. 

DarkMatter's Trusted Transparency Program has two primary components:

  1. Trusted Transparency: A platform for DarkMatter's customers to conduct a full review of DarkMatter's own hardware and source code before installation.
  2. XEN1TH Labs: Testing and validation of any product to identify vulnerabilities, backdoors and other security weaknesses across all areas of hardware, software, cryptography and mobile. 

DarkMatter's Trusted Transparency Program is: "A call to action for the technology industry," said Faisal Al Bannai, Founder & CEO of DarkMatter. "The current outdated cyber security model is broken. Cyber criminals, with varying degrees of sophistication, are finding vulnerabilities and new opportunities to compromise IT systems with relative ease. All because the software and hardware that governments and businesses are forced to use have not always been adequately vetted or lag behind the capability of modern-day hackers."

DarkMatter's Trusted Transparency Program will be available to approved entities and the review will be confidential between the customer and DarkMatter. For maximum security, the review will be conducted as the final stage of the procurement process. The review will be conducted in a clean room environment with appropriate controls that allow for full open review while protecting DarkMatter intellectual property.

All DarkMatter products will be tested and validated by XEN1TH Labs using advanced technologies and human intelligence to build a full understanding and assessment of any product. XEN1TH Labs will operate four test and validation environments: Hardware, Software, Cryptography, and Mobile & Telecommunications; providing an integrated testing environment that covers the full spectrum of cyber security vulnerabilities. Products will receive a 'Tested by Xen1th' certification report with documented results of the tests.

Faisal Al Bannai continued: "DarkMatter's Trusted Transparency Program, combined with XEN1TH Labs will strengthen business and government cyber defences, shrink their attack surfaces, and limit exploits of their critical systems. Technology innovation is exciting with the benefits of the Internet of Things plain to see in every aspect of life.  Our ambition is to make those technologies safe with trusted, transparent, smart security."

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