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Nokia and Mobily announced the successful completion of License Assisted Access (LAA). Once deployed Mobily's customers will be able to enjoy faster internet speeds to download high-bandwidth consuming applications. The solution will be initially deployed in the densely populated capital city of Saudi (Riyadh) and other major cities in the Kingdom.

The LAA technology uses a combination of licensed and unlicensed spectrum to reduce congestion and enhance mobile data speeds. This approach is especially useful in improving indoor mobile data coverage and speeds. The use of unlicensed spectrum allows Mobily to add capacity and provide faster speeds to its customers, without significantly increasing its expenditure, as use of unlicensed spectrum does not require any fee.

Ahmed Alsharif, Executive General Manager - Network Strategic Planning, Mobily SA said: "It is a crucial trial for us as it reinforces our position as a pioneer in applying new technologies, such as LAA, in the region. Nokia's advanced products and services will enable us to provide superior customer experience to our discerning customers. The trial is also in line with the Vision 2030 of the Saudi Government which demands robust communications network to drive digitization to enhance the lives of the people in the Kingdom."

Tony Awad, head of Mobily customer team at Nokia, said: "The consumption of data-hungry applications is forever increasing, especially in urban areas. Our technological expertise and leadership position in 5G will help Mobily to maximize the utilization of available resources. The trial of LAA is a significant step in its journey towards 5G."

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