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From almost every measure, the last 12 years have been a phenomenal period for Integrated Telecom Company (ITC).

Founded more than 12 years ago in 2005, ITC’s products and services have posted record growth among the ICT industry average. It is now one of the fastest growing telecom providers in the Kingdom, doubling its revenue and customer acquisition rate in the previous years and winning respect as a formidable customer-centric player in the industry.

ITC’s unique business and enterprise focus is challenging a highly commoditized industry. This specialized approach has allowed ITC to capture an increasing share of customers. ITC now serves 99% of local banks, the oil and gas industry, as well as government ministries, large institutions plus leading local and international operators with a presence in the Kingdom.

24/7 Business:From conception, ITC was born, bred and designed to cater to the needs of businesses, continued to invest in network, new technologies and people, focused on maintaining customers’ businesses 24/7.

Industry specific service segmentation: ITC is revolutionizing the industry with a unique boutique approach emphasizing service and specialized industry-specific customer service segmentation. ITC is the only telecom provider with specialists for specific industry sectors, and segmentation applied not only at a commercial level but across every touch point. This specialist approach has allowed ITC to break away from the commoditization which plagues the industry and deploy a more agile, more collaborative response to the unique demands of every customer.

Independent infrastructure:ITC has invested in one of the most extensive, fully independent telecom infrastructures in the region. The ITC network consists of an independent 17,000-kilometer fiber network inter-connecting most the cities in Saudi Arabia, plus 7 international gateways connecting the Kingdom to the rest of the world via submarine cables, terrestrial connections and satellite. For today’s enterprise and wholesale customers, this brings all the benefits of a robust, independent network offering superior speed, unrivalled stability, 99.99% reliability and high redundancy. Today, the ITC network provides high-quality coverage to any place in Saudi Arabia, the region and the world.

A full range of next-gen solutions and products: ITC offers a full range of connectivity, cloud services, managed services, security services, network solutions, wholesale services, international carrier services and fully customized enterprise solutions built on top-of-the-line, next-generation technologies. ITC also offers a whole spectrum of national and international telecom services and ISP and VSAT solutions. 

ICT transformation: ITC has successfully transformed from a traditional network-centric provider to a service-centric, end-to-end ICT provider with a converged product offerings and this was done in response to the current technology and market developments especially the consolidation of the IT and Telecom into one Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ecosystem, in addition to the high adoption in Saudi market of the new technologies such as cloud computing, managed services and technology outsourcing, ITC has outstandingly followed a strategic direction to become a leader in the ICT industry.

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