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iBwave announced the release of the latest version of its flagship product - iBwave Design Suite. The new and improved iBwave Suite contains all the powerful features that make it the standard for in-building wireless network design, plus new leading-edge capabilities to easily design high-density venues and leverage new and emerging technologies like LTE-Advanced, LAA, and CBRS.

According to recent stats, within the next 5 years, the mobile data traffic is expected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 45% to reach 49 exabytes per month. Everyday, mobile data consumption from activities such as video calls, social media use and e-commerce drive this upward trend. Given this surge of broadband data usage, carriers are now planning ahead to ensure their mobile subscribers stay satisfied and engaged with unlimited data plan options that offer fast and reliable service.

80% of mobile communication happens indoors, specifically inside large venues such as stadiums, airports, enterprise campuses and hospitality sites. iBwave Release 10 is all about helping and simplifying network densification planning and achieving true LTE Advanced data throughput to enable new technologies such as CBRS, LAA paving the road to 5G.

As these new technologies and data-heavy broadband applications emerge, carriers need to adapt existing networks and design future networks to tackle these issues.

"Fifteen years ago, we saw the need for a fast, efficient and reliable way to design in-building networks, we developed a solution that became a worldwide standard for in-building network design. Fast forward to 2018 and we continue to evolve to better meet the needs of our carrier and enterprise customers. iBwave Release 10 helps you prepare for future network design trends by leveraging technologies such as LTE-A and CBRS," said Seth Roy, VP Product Line Management.

Here is what some early users are saying about iBwave Release 10:
"LTE carrier aggregation and Body loss prediction are the best features of Release 10. We are currently in the process of designing a stadium and body loss prediction will really help." - Tier-1 operator, South Asia.

"I really like the updates that have been made regarding LTE-LAA and Best Server/Handoff Matrix. This will allow design troubleshooting to become faster." - Leading System Integrator, USA.

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