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As the region embraces economic diversity, governments are investing in non-oil industries to diversify their sources of income. The Middle East is prioritizing innovation and investing in transformative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and cloud computing.

In support of the Middle East's network operators, CommScope is developing innovative fibre optic solutions to transport large amounts of data very quickly and reliably. The company will demonstrate its latest offerings at GITEX Technology Week.

"The Middle East and Africa aims to future proof its economy which caters to 20 percent of the world's population," said Ehab Kanary, vice president of Enterprise for the Middle East and Africa, CommScope. "The adoption of disruptive technologies like AI, blockchain and cloud will only grow in prevalence and is yet another reminder that network operators will be faced with an unlimited appetite for capacity and data."

CommScope will highlight its latest solutions to meet the continuous growth of bandwidth needs which enable the following benefits:

Digital foundation for Smarter Buildings: As the number of connected devices grows, the location of these devices is becoming more important.

CommScope's automated infrastructure management (AIM) system knows exactly what is connected, how it is connected and where it is located.

The software automatically tracks changes, issues work orders, and documents the entire network. It also provides root-cause analysis in the event of failure, helping restore services faster.

Next to data transport, Power over Ethernet (PoE)  is the most important enabler of devices that use structured cabling in enterprise buildings today. The new CommScope research and development lab hopes to demonstrate it doesn't get too hot, at least for the cables involved.
Data centers which enables the speeds of the future. With millions of online transactions happening daily, machines are sensing, analyzing and transmitting mission-critical information in milliseconds.

According to Cisco, 400 GbE is now available for testing, deployment, and adoption by network operators, paving the way for Terabit Scale Ethernet. With CommScope's High Speed Migration solutions, we're able to help data centre managers accelerate the growth of their data centre capacity and the speed of their digital transformation initiatives.

We are quickly moving from 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s to 100Gb/s, 400Gb/s and beyond. The more data consumers and network users need, the more services they expect, the more critical speed becomes. This is a global phenomenon and one of the top challenges that data centre managers will face.

The Road to 5G is paved with fibre: There's a new era and standard for distributed antenna systems. The all-digital CommScope ERA upends the economics of indoor-building wireless with major space and fiber cable savings. The technology is a key enabler for network densification in LTE Advanced, Gigabit LTE and 5G. Existing ION-E systems can be software-upgraded to be interoperable with Era.

In-building delivery of 5G service will be a major opportunity for operators' to own their user experience, differentiate from over-the-top service providers and monetize service offerings. CommScope's enhanced OneCell small cell solution is uniquely positioned to make indoor 5G an enabler of enterprise business opportunities

"Our customers across the Middle East and Africa are seeing an appetite for unlimited network capacity not only for video consumption but across industries like construction and high tech," said Femi Oshiga, vice president of Service Providers for Middle East and Africa, CommScope. "We're seeing more and more markets investing in a future of connectivity to enable a business-friendly environment."

Journalists are invited to learn more about these trends and technologies from CommScope's experts at stand SR C8 at GITEX Technology Week 2018, taking place in Dubai on October 14-18.

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