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Huawei released the latest Wireless Fiber Solution (an enhanced WTTx solution) which increases home broadband (HBB) rates and improves market penetration.

Huawei focused on how to maximize wireless network potential and quickly provide broadband services. This presented a unique opportunity to meet with government ICT organizations, operators, and industry organizations to discuss fixed wireless broadband development and how to accelerate national broadband penetration.

Rapidly developing LTE technologies, such as wideband 4T4R and massive MIMO, have significantly improved wireless bandwidth, capability, and greatly reduced the cost per GB. LTE has become a viable solution for broadband rate improvement. 5G spectrum release and various new 5G technologies will further improve spectral efficiency, capacity, and reduce the cost per GB to enhance the capability of wireless fiber broadband.

Wireless fiber broadband has become an option to improve broadband rates. According to the Digital Economy and Society Index Report 2018 in Europe, wired broadband rates in Europe are between 7 Mbit/s and 23 Mbit/s, and the LTE rate has already reached between 20 Mbit/s and 42 Mbit/s. 37% of households in Finland and 23% in Italy use only LTE wireless technologies to access the Internet.

Furthermore, wireless fiber broadband speeds up broadband popularization in developing countries such as the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, where it has been deployed to significantly accelerate national broadband development. The growth rate of wireless broadband has surpassed that of fixed broadband. As a result, the broadband penetration rate increased from 12% to 17% in the Philippines, and from 9% to 25% in Sri Lanka.

Over the past five years, 230 operators in 124 countries have deployed WTTx to provide fixed wireless broadband services for 75 million households, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), schools, and hospitals.

Huawei's wireless Fiber solution provides full services, fiber-like experience, fast deployment, flexibility, flexible speed on demand and a 5G-oriented evolution.

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