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During the CEM Elite Club meeting at GITEX Technology Week last week, more than 30 representatives from Middle East carriers, executives and industry analysts, gathered to discuss challenges the sector faces in delivering a superior 5G customer experience.

Dan Bieler, Principal Analyst, Forrester, highlighted during his keynote, “Customer experience management matters for CSPs because it impacts their revenue, OPEX, CAPEX, churn rate, customer acquisition cost, ARPU, and network operations. CEM was a ‘plus’ in 2G/3G/4G era, but has become a ‘must’ in the 5G era.”

Speaking during the event, Jason Li, Huawei Service Marketing & Solution Sales Senior Vice President, said, “5G and cloud computing are bringing new services, such as cloud VR or vertical industry QoS assurance which are far more complex as compared to 4G. Now more than ever, there is a pressing need for stronger CEM as consumers are increasingly particular in their diverse needs and demands. User experience will be the core competitiveness of carriers' in the 5G era.”

During the panel discussion, Middle East carrier’s leadershighlighted the fact that “Currently, automation and real-time quality management are key capabilities to ensure 5G service experience. For the 5G SA network architecture, it will be crucial for 5G CEM to provide differentiated experience guarantees for different service.”

Huawei released an industry white paper during the event, entitled ‘5G CEM CloudX User Experience’. Despite the fact that cloud virtual reality (VR), either in video or gaming, offers the most 5G promising services, the challenges of network, content, and terminals are far more complex than those for traditional video services.

The 3D experience touchpoints of media quality, interaction quality, and presentation quality bring more challenges to experience management. The white paper explores openness, cooperation, scientific modelling methods and reference baseline for cloud VR service experience management.
These will help carriers to evaluate, visualize, manage, and improve cloud VR services as part of their 5G business development.

HUAWEI SmartCare® CEM, the industry-leading customer experience management solution adopted by more than 90 telecom operators worldwide, is now forming the foundations of experience management in 5G network evolutions.

Huawei is committed to overcome recent user experience management challenges and define precise numerical models and service baselines that will ensure the best user experience in the 5G era. The release of ‘5G CEM CloudX User Experience whitepaper’ is considered a great leap forward in 5G customer experience management that will lead to realize a promising carrier’ 5G business prospering.

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