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5G OpenLab initiative aims to drive collaborative innovation throughout the Middle East’s 5G ecosystem

The pre-launch of the Huawei 5G OpenLab in the Middle East was announced during GITEX 2019 by Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT). The Huawei 5G OpenLab in the Middle East aims to boost 5G services throughout the Middle East region, prompting innovation and collaboration across markets with the intention of creating an open ecosystem that will further ICT development across the region.

Huawei 5G OpenLab in Middle East will mainly focus on the 2B market, including artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, fixed wireless access (FWA), CCTV, campus private line, and more. Consumer services, such as cloud gaming, will also be a focus of the OpenLab.

“5G development is accelerating at speeds beyond imagination, with roll-out imminent in markets across the Middle East and the wider world,” said An Jian, President of Carrier Networks Business Group, Huawei Middle East.

“By introducing the Huawei 5G OpenLab concept in the Middle East, we are providing the local ICT sector with a real 5G network environment in which they can experience, innovate, and verify the latest 5G applications with operators and partners. This will contribute to the development and strengthening of the local ICT sector, enabling the introduction of next generation technology that will contribute to building a fully connected, intelligent world.”

Zhang Dong, Vice President of Huawei 5G Marketing & Solution Sales, said, “5G OpenLab is a cross-industry platform through which operators, third parties and vertical industries in the Middle East can work together to understand business scenarios, develop innovative services, and build the 5G ecosystem.”

Through the OpenLab platform, Huawei works with customers and partners around the world to develop the best possible industry-specific solutions, enrich local ICT industry ecosystems, address challenges and future demands in line with local markets’ requirements, and keep driving customers to go digital.

Huawei 5G OpenLab in Middle East is scheduled to be launched in December 2019.

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