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Nokia has today announced that it will power Telia’s 5G network at the new Mall of Tripla shopping center in Helsinki, delivering next-generation connectivity for consumers, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Enabled by Nokia’s 5G base stations and small cell technology, the network will deliver huge capacity, low latency and realiable connectivity. In doing so, it will give retailers and entrepreneurs the chance to test, develop and implement novel retail and lifestyle experiences.

The retail industry is set to be one of the big beneficiaries of 5G. In store, retailers will be able to utilize AR and VR, facial and video recognition, and tailored in-store signage and entertainment experiences. 5G will also enable greater control over stock levels and supply chain, improved customer insights thanks to video analytics of customer behavior, and in-store robotics to better handle item movements and placements in the retail environment.

Ari Kynäslahti, Head of Mobile Networks Product Management at Nokia, said: “We are seeing increased demand for better connectivity at shopping centers, stadiums and large events, which is why the 5G network rollout at the Mall of Tripla is a milestone for both Nokia and Telia. I am particularly proud of the way our 5G AirScale Indoor Radio small cells have been able to be discretely installed inside the mall for excellent, seamless indoor coverage. The retail industry has the potential to be one of the big beneficiaries of 5G and we are excited to see how consumers and businesses benefit from this 5G network at the largest shopping center in the Nordics.”

Janne Koistinen, Director, 5G program at Telia Finland, said: “The Mall of Tripla is an excellent example of how to build a modern smart city. It was always clear to us that the mall and Telia Finland’s new head office would be one of the initial building blocks of our 5G network.”

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