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CommScope and Saudi Telecom Company (stc) announced they are deploying 30-port antennas, enabling the operator to bring innovation toward 5G across the Middle East and North Africa.

To keep pace with the demands of the modern society and expand into new markets, stc is demonstrating use cases for next generation wireless technologies. The deployment of CommScope’s new customized 30-port antenna enabled stc to support more technologies with less weight and wind-load on towers, solving the challenge of overburdened infrastructure and giving adequate room to deploy 5G equipment. As a result, the service provider is taking another step toward a modern world-class 5G network.

CommScope had long been a trusted international partner of stc following years of wide deployments of multiple antenna solutions, including a customized design for 16-port antennas to support increased densification of the 4G/LTE network.

Eng. Hisham A. Alabdaly, infrastructure design, general manager, stc, said, “In line with international developments, the Saudi market is being transformed by the advances of the fourth industrial revolution. Emerging technology breakthroughs like robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will be backed by 5G infrastructure. Looking toward Vision 2030, tourism, manufacturing and defense could reoccupy the center of economic stage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By any measure, it’s critical we implement new technologies that empower digital services to reach higher levels of efficiency and production.

“Diversification in the KSA economy mandates the need for further investment in advanced digital technologies, to pave the way for a future of massive connectivity. Piloting 5G-ready technologies will enable stc to lead the advancement of a modern society while harnessing new and emerging technologies, delivering unlimited network capacities for video services and many other modern high-tech industries.”

Femi Oshiga, vice president of service providers for the Middle East and Africa, CommScope, said, “CommScope and stc have worked together for many years to bring the latest communication advances to Saudi Arabia. These antennas will improve the mobile experience of stc customers where they live and work, and it will pave the way towards wide deployment of 5G services.”

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