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iBwave, the standard for converged indoor network planning, on Wednesday announced the company can address the rising global demand for high‑performance end‑to‑end networks thanks to iBwave Reach, its all‑in‑one network design solution that bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor wireless network design.

Leveraging its partnership with Infovista, the leader in modern network performance, iBwave offers with iBwave Reach a powerful multi‑technology outdoor network design solution that integrates seamlessly to iBwave’s industry‑leading iBwave Design software. With support for emerging technologies – 4G/5G/CBRS/IoT/Wi-Fi 6 – the addition of iBwave Reach gives iBwave customers a simple solution to streamline the design of their large multi‑technology campus wireless networks with prediction accuracy that has a proven track record they can trust.

“The telecom industry has been rapidly evolving. Pushing design to inspect both indoor and outdoor performance,” says Seth Roy, VP of Product Development at iBwave. "iBwave Reach combines the best of both worlds, allowing our customers to overcome typical design challenges. Working with our customers, we validated that iBwave Reach will seamlessly deploy networks, even complex environments such as mines. With the help of Carriers, System Integrators, OEMs, and Enterprises, we were able to make the design of complex multi‑technology campus networks faster with the same resources and extend our product to new and exciting use cases."

The new iBwave Reach accelerates the design and deployment of 5G networks both within buildings and to the surrounding outdoor areas by eliminating the need to do multiple time‑consuming and costly site walks for surveys. Capable of fully integrated indoor and outdoor prediction, combined with a growing components database of over 35,000 network parts, the powerful integrated solution of iBwave Reach and iBwave Design together accelerates a project’s lifecycle by up to 50%.

To assess accuracy, several pilot projects were done with iBwave customers to compare the end‑to‑end iBwave Design and iBwave Reach solution to results captured during the post‑installation survey. All results showed the predicted network performance results came within expected dB range of variance from the post-installation survey results. With these results iBwave customers can be confident the campus networks they design using iBwave Reach will perform as designed, eliminating the need for costly post‑installation troubleshooting and re‑design work.

iBwave Reach also integrates with most of the leading macro geodata tools on the market. During the pilot project phase, iBwave customers were able to successfully import their macro files into iBwave Reach. But even as a standalone solution, iBwave Reach can simulate accurate macro‑outdoor prediction for up to 100 km2, accommodating sprawling environments such as smart cities, and mines.

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